Simple Edges Hair Oil



Due to our exclusive infusion process, Simple Edges Hair Oil has a highly concentrated formula that has proven effective on all types of hair. Our exceptional handcrafted care and personalized quality control ensures a final product that is fully concentrated to achieve the best results for our product users.

*Simple Edges Hair Oil is manufactured and distributed within Canada in accordance with the strict Ministry of Health Canada standards, and is approved for exportation.

*Each 4-ounce bottle of hair oil is freshly made to order and gentle enough for daily use.

Simple Edges Hair Oil:
Simple Edges Hair Oil promotes hair growth and scalp health, while restoring and improving your hairline, especially the sensitive area around the crown. Our uniquely customized formula is non-irritating, and ideal to soothe damaged skin cells or improve the appearance of a dry and sensitive scalp.
With a bespoke blend of nourishing essential oils and Moringa leaf, our oil improves the texture of your hair and reduces scalp inflammation, while adding shine, elasticity, and beautiful length to your hair.


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